The development of online platform to connect multiple users of climate information and the providers of same has been promoted by number global initiatives. User interface platform is one of the five core pillars of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS). Further, the Commission on Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM), a specialized entity of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) encourages the development of knowledge sharing interfaces between scientists, extension services and the agricultural decision maker. Moreover, the World Agro-Meteorological Information Service (WAMIS), was developed by CAgM to bridge the gap between providers and users of weather and climate information specifically for agriculture for this purpose ( ). WAMIS provides information for all regions of the world and uses the CAMI bulletins for information on the Caribbean, but with the closure of the project there is need to transition to a new series of products and services that provides more information and connects a wider network of stakeholders.

The International Society for Agricultural Meteorologists (INSAM) is an online platform that connects professionals in the field from around the world. ( ). The purpose of this forum is to encourage members to improve contacts with other members on general subjects, but also (and primarily) to get technical help from others. The site hosts forums, provides online weather and climate information for agro-meteorologists, hosts a helpline, facilitates training and discussion on a number of topics for its registered members, and gives very useful global updates and links to recent publications. To carry on the good work of the CAMI project, efforts are being made to transfer the active aspect of the project to a new platform, the Caribbean Society for Agricultural Meteorologists (CariSAM).

Functions and Benefits of Caribbean Society for Agricultural Meteorology (CariSAM)